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9ft (2.7 m) Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Wheels

9ft (2.7 m) Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Wheels

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9ft (2.7 m) Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Wheels.

Brand new, never been used. Outer box is slightly damaged.


- Holds Trees up to 9ft (2.7m)

- 9ft Storage Space

- Waterproof

- Reinforced Bottom

- 3x Wheels

Tidying up after the holiday is a snap with this 9ft (2.7m) Christmas Tree Storage Bag. It’s a must have for those that need to store away an artificial tree keeping it intact and dust free. The wheels, top handle straps and side handle allow for easy handling. An inside zippered pocket is ideal for your tree accessories and the compression straps are adjustable to ensure it will stay secure!


  • Each carry handle has been securely attached to the main body with a box stitching and reinforcement patches.

  • Large enough to hold a 9ft (2.7m) disassembled artificial Christmas tree, saving more space compared to putting it back in a bulky cardboard box

  • 3 wheels on one end and reinforced handles make it easy to move your tree from where you set it up, to where you need to store it

  • This compact Christmas tree duffle bag keeps your tree secure while taking up minimal storage space in your home or apartment

  • Made of tear-resistant polyester, designed to last and protect from dust, mildew, and pests

  • Interior straps keep your tree from moving around and getting damaged inside the bag.

  • Reinforced bottom

  • Can fit the segments of a 9ft high Christmas Tree 

  • Waterproof backing

  • Inside storage pocket

  • Heavy duty carry handlles

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