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Gardena Wall-Mounted 35m (114.8ft) Hose Box with Automatic Roll-Up

Gardena Wall-Mounted 35m (114.8ft) Hose Box with Automatic Roll-Up

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Gardena Wall-Mounted 35m (114.8ft) Hose Box with Automatic Roll-Up

original box may be damaged/may be pacakaged in plain pacakging

The Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box makes watering a large garden comfortable and convenient.

Simply attach the compact hose box to your outside wall and connect it to the tap with the connecting hose. Thanks to the extra-long 35 metre quality hose and the 180° swivel feature, you can reach every area in your garden.

The hose reel follows your direction of movement around the garden while the handy hose guide and roll control prevents the hose from kinking or knotting.

Once you have pulled out the hose to the desired length, the short locking points automatically grip and fix the hose as soon as you stop.

By pulling the end of the hose lightly, the locking mechanism is released and an integrated steel spring winds up the extended garden hose fully automatically, reliably and evenly for you.

The tap and hose connections of the hose box are part of the reliable Original Gardena System, so you can attach other Gardena Watering Attachments at any time. The anti-drip device ensures leak and puddle free watering, so no water is wasted.

The handy wall bracket includes storage for all of your Gardena nozzles and accessories to save space and keep everything together.

The high-quality material is UV and frost proof, protected from weather damage and can be used all year round. In addition, the hose storage is secured with an anti-theft device.

All necessary connection and assembly parts are included with the Wall-Mounted Hose Box: a wall bracket, a connecting hose, all necessary Original Gardena System Parts and a nozzle with two different spray jet options.


  • 35m (114.8 ft) hose
  • Automatic Roll-Up system with integrated steel spring
  • Wall box swivels up to 180° or can be folded against the wall
  • Integrated hose guide to prevent tangling
  • Integrated anti-theft device
  • Ergonomic handle for easy detachment and storage
  • Store Gardena nozzles and accessories on the handy wall bracket
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Includes: 35 m hose, 2 m connecting hose, wall bracket, screws and wall plugs, adjustable spray nozzle, 3 x tap connectors, standard hose connector and water stop hose connector
  • Hose Dimensions: L 3,500 x D 1.3 cm
  • Hose Box Dimensions: L 59.3 x W 25 x H 54.2 cm
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