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Kidde Fire Extinguisher Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher 2kg NEW Easy To Use

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher 2kg NEW Easy To Use

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Condition is new. Box can be slightly damaged. Dispatched with Other 48h Courier.

2KG large capacity, multi-purpose fire extinguisher with a fire fighting capability that is A-B-C rated (see ratings below) and is ideal for use on most types of small- to medium-sized domestic or vehicle fires. This multi-purpose 2kg extinguisher can be located anywhere in the home and is designed for use on small to medium-sized fires before they get out of control and without taking unnecessary risks to life. It can also be used in motor vehicles but is not recommended for use on fat-pan fires, where instead a Kidde Fire Blanket is recommended. This extinguisher is suitable for use on fires involving electrical voltages of up to 1000V – but damage may occur to equipment.

Key Features:
- Pressure gauge confirms that the extinguisher is fully charged and ready to use
- 10 second discharge duration for increased fire fighting capability and added reassurance
- 13A 89B C fire rating – safe for use on electrical fires
- Easy-to-use and install – convenient mounting bracket included as standard

General Features:
- Model KSPD2G
- Fire Rating 13A 89B C
- Extinguishing Agent Dry powder (mono-ammonium phosphate)
- Discharge Range 4 metres
- Discharge Duration 10 seconds
- Temperature Range -30ºC to +60ºC
- Propellant 15 bar nitrogen
- Warranty 6 years
- Approvals BSI certified to BS EN3 Standards
- CE tested and certified

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