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Marvin'S Magic Art Collection (5+ Years)

Marvin'S Magic Art Collection (5+ Years)

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Marvin's Magic Art Collection (5+ Years)

**Small damage to the outside caused by tape- please see pictures**

Allow your child's imagination to run wild with endless fun with Marvin’s Amazing Magic Art Collection. The complete arts and craft collection is all in one box - which can be coloured in! This box includes 25 Magic Pens, Scratch Art, Colouring Book, Magic Foil Rainbow Stickers, and Glow Art (Black). Kids craft kits are the perfect item for your child's imagination!


Marvin’s Amazing Pens

This crafty collection of 25 Amazing Magic Pens can be used to learn magical techniques and create unique patterns and pictures.



  • Write secret messages
  • Make colours vanish
  • Create 3D lettering
  • Magically change colours


Super Bright Scratch Art

This set is perfect for any occasion and holiday you’re inspired by. You can also create scratch notes for the people you love, creating a memory that will last forever! For real rainbow effect, try creating unicorn scratch art and let the colours transform your mystical character in front of your eyes. Create your own magic at home with this scratch art set, designed to let your inner artist run wild. Using the tool included, gently scratch away at the black layer and jump into the world of holographic colours, neons, metallic colours and rainbows. Create your own beautiful patterns and shapes, with the vibrant colours working with you to create mind-blowing art.  Included in this kids scratch art set by Marvin’s Magic are stencils for you to trace and stretch with, stencils that will give you the inspiration you need to create a magical rainbow masterpiece! Just pick up your scratch board and your scratch art tools and combine magic and art and create whatever your heart desires!



  • 12 Neon scratch boards
  • 12 Rainbow scratch boards
  • 12 Gold metallic scratch boards
  • 12 Silver holographic scratch boards
  • 8 Wooden drawing styluses
  • 3 Drawing stencils
  • 1 Spiro Stencil


Colouring Books For Children

Gather your art supplies! This fantastic colouring book features 36 different animal pictures for you to colour! Better yet, this colouring book isn’t exclusive to children, people of all ages can use this! An adult colouring book is a great way to unwind after a long day.  Birthday gifts have never been so easy to come by! This colouring book, markers and sketch book bundle is the perfect present to gift to anyone! Give someone the gift of creativity. Drawing and colouring is a simple life pleasure that people of all ages enjoy.



  • Colouring Book
  • Sketch Book
  • Both books also contain 36 pages to colour or draw in


Magic Foil Rainbow Stickers

The fantastic Marvin’s Magic Foil Rainbow Stickers for kids allow you to create some awesome pictures! Gift this to your kid to have them occupied for hours. They’ll create all sorts of cute stuff with these stickers for you to hang as decor. To use this sticker book, choose one of the many sticker designs then add your favourite foil colours and stencil patters to create your own unique cute stickers! Sticker books are a unique way to get creative and have all sorts of fun!



  • 150 stickers
  • 60 holographic and metallic sheets
  • 8 pop-out sticker sheets
  • 3 stencil pattern sheets featuring 9 cool patterns!

Glow Art

 Create exciting neon artwork with the neon effect drawing board included in this pack. This is a unique new way to explore different art mediums for a young artist! Turn off the lights and watch your creation come to life in glowing neon lights! Make your magic art transform and change colour with 36 magical light effects.



  • Black neon-effect drawing board with a built-in stand
  • 4 fluorescent magic pens
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