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Marvin's Magic Deluxe Box Of Tricks *Limited Edition*

Marvin's Magic Deluxe Box Of Tricks *Limited Edition*

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Marvin's Magic Deluxe Box Of Tricks (8+ Years)


- Includes dynamic coins and Svengali cards

- Includes a cloth-bound hardback instruction book containing over 100 amazing tricks

- Magic that contains professional magic tricks hand-picked by Marvin himself!

- Limited to just 3,000 copies worldwide

Beautifully presented exclusive props and instructions with bonus videos and cetificate of authenticity.

AMAZING SELECTION OF MAGIC TRICKS AND ILLUSIONS: Looking for the ultimate kit of magic stuff? Look no further as this amazing deluxe magic kit this magic set is packed with numerous tricks that can be mastered in minutes! This Deluxe Edition will enable you to throw a sophisticated magician to perform professional magic tricks for friends and family. 

DISPLAYED IN A STUNNING BOX: The components of this set come in a beautifully presented double-layered black-and-gold box with red flock-fleeced interior to protect and add an extra luxury feel to the magic trick set. The box features all of Marvin’s most ingenious props including Svengali cards, dynamic coins, authentic himber wallet, magician's silk, professional-sized magician's cups and more. Look like a professional with this detailed magic set and use as a party piece at your gathering!

HOW TO BE A MAGICIAN WITH STYLE: Look the part with your best clothing and take the magic wand, magic playing cards and much more for a fantastic collection to put together a stunning show.

UNBELIEVABLE MAGIC BEFORE YOUR EYES: Marvin’s deluxe magic set is a magic tricks set where the magician can used specially crafted objects to grab the audience's attention. This trick needs only the right props, a great guide (and we’ve taken care of both), a few minutes of practice and some illusionist’s flair! The ultimate birthday gift or party trick for anyone to enjoy, magic games are the perfect way to make a spectacular magic show at a party.




  • Dynamic Coins set: a modern classic, precision-engineered in solid brass

  • Authentic Himber Wallet: a staple utility device of professional magicians worldwide

  • Magician’s silk and secret gimmicks: for astonishing empty-handed vanishes and productions

  • Professional-sized Magician’s Cups in impact-resistant ABS polymer and classic gold finish: Cleverly concealed gimmickry allows for many powerful effects, including
    Classic Cups and Balls routine with cotton pom-poms

  • Ingenious built-in Chop Cup feature with special crochet balls

  • Unique Flying Coins routine, made possible through ingenious, undetectable engineering

  • Svengali Cards: preferred tool of expert magicians for over a century

  • Multi-purpose Miracle Cards: putting expert mind-reading and sophisticated card control within reach – without the years of frustrating study!

  • Coins and Cards Matrix: an acclaimed pinnacle of visual sleight-of-hand, made simple through deceptive gimmicks

  • Cloth-bound hardback instruction book containing over 100 amazing tricks.

  • Magician’s Wand in classic black and gold

  • Collector’s Edition embossed Marvin’s Magic silver steel tokens.

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