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New Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 40V Cordless Rotary Mower 30L ,30 Cm Blade

New Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 40V Cordless Rotary Mower 30L ,30 Cm Blade

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Flymo EasiStore 300RLi 40v: Freedom and Convenience for Small Gardens

Batteries and charger included.

Tired of trailing around a cord while mowing your lawn? Look no further than the Flymo EasiStore 300RLi 40v. This cordless rotary mower delivers exceptional performance and space-saving features, making it ideal for maintaining small gardens without restriction.

Cordless Convenience, Powerful Results:

Untethered Mowing: Experience the freedom of cordless mowing with the 40v lithium-ion battery system. No more tripping over cords or being limited by extension cables.

Powerful Performance: The innovative 40v battery delivers power comparable to a petrol mower, effortlessly tackling grass on lawns up to 300 square metres.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Enjoy extended mowing sessions on a single charge. The 40v battery provides ample power to complete most small lawns without needing to recharge.

Compact Design, Clever Storage:

Lightweight Champion: Weighing only 15.8kg, the Flymo EasiStore 300RLi is easy to push and manoeuvre around flowerbeds, borders, and other garden features.

Space-Saving Storage: The innovative folding handles allow for compact storage in sheds or garages, even with limited space. No more wrestling with a bulky mower!

Effortless Grass Box Removal: The 30L grass box features a convenient handle for easy emptying, minimising mess and keeping your mowing experience hassle-free.

Additional Features for Enhanced Convenience:

Dual Lever Handles: Enjoy comfortable control with the dual lever handles, allowing for smooth operation throughout your mowing session.

Close-Edge Cutting: Achieve a clean and professional finish with the close-edge cutting deck, perfect for trimming along borders and pathways.

Rear Roller Stripes: Create a beautiful striped finish on your lawn with the integrated rear roller, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

Why Choose the Flymo EasiStore 300RLi 40v?

Powerful 40v battery delivers cordless mowing freedom on small lawns

30cm cutting width for efficient mowing

Long-lasting battery life for extended mowing sessions

Lightweight design for effortless manoeuvring

Folds for compact storage, ideal for small sheds or garages

30L grass box with handle for easy emptying

Dual lever handles for comfortable control

Close-edge cutting for a clean finish

Rear roller stripes for a beautiful lawn

Perfect for Small Gardens and Those Who Want Freedom:

The Flymo EasiStore 300RLi 40v is the perfect solution for homeowners with small gardens who value cordless convenience and space-saving storage. Its lightweight design, innovative features, and powerful battery make mowing your lawn a breeze, freeing you from the limitations of cords.

Experience the Freedom of Cordless Mowing:

Ditch the extension cord and enjoy the flexibility of cordless mowing! The Flymo EasiStore 300RLi 40v offers a greener and more convenient way to maintain a beautiful lawn. With its powerful battery, easy handling, and thoughtful features, mowing your lawn becomes a quick and effortless task.

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