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Riedel Ouverture Apple Decanter with 6 x 530ml Wine Glasses

Riedel Ouverture Apple Decanter with 6 x 530ml Wine Glasses

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Riedel Ouverture Apple Decanter with 6 530ml Wine Glasses.


- Crystal Glass

- 1.5L Decanter

- Dishwasher safe

The Riedel Ouverture set is a collection of 6 machine blown, lead free crystal glasses that are non varietal specific, plus an Apple NY crystal decanter. The generous size of the Magnum red wine glass bowl helps to release the wine's aromas, and is appropriate for all the classic red grape varieties. On the palate, the glass is designed to emphasize fruit and balance tannins.

The Riedel Big Apple Decanter was inspired by New York fashion. Its form is simple yet elegant and it will make a stylish addition to any dinner table.


Machine blown

Lead free crystal glass


Ideal for everyday and any ocassion

Space saving decanter



Height: 195mm

Diameter: 134mm

Capacity: 1500ml

Magnum Glasses:

Height: 201mm

Diameter: 90mm

Capacity: 530ml

Care Instructions:

Dishwasher safe

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