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Russell Hobbs Attentiv 2 Slot Toaster, 26210

Russell Hobbs Attentiv 2 Slot Toaster, 26210

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Russell Hobbs Attentiv 2 Slot Toaster, 26210

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Not all bread toasts equally. Bread type, moisture content, thickness, gluten content, and freshness can all affect the level of toasting it needs which can be a hassle if the browning level matters to you. Our expert Colour Sense technology automatically adapts the toasting time to your bread type, stopping the toasting cycle when the correct shade is achieved. All you need to do is choose your preferred browning level and let unsatisfying toast become a thing of the past. 


Colour Sense technology
We know the colour of your toast matters, that’s why our Attentiv Toaster with built-in Colour Sense technology is for you. Whether you love sourdough, bagels or day-old white bread, the Colour Sense technology automatically monitors the toasting time to ensure every slice is toasted to the shade of golden that you like best.


Favourites memorised
For perfectly browned toast every time, the Attentiv Toaster remembers the settings used last, even when after it’s been unplugged. So, when you use it next time, it’ll get the colour and crunch of your toast spot on.


Touch Screen Control
It’s easy to clean touch screen means you can input your preferred shade before you start the cycle. So, whether you’re toasting day-old bread, gluten-free or thicker slices you’re only a few taps away from your idea of the perfect slice.


Long and wide slots
Long, wider slots mean you can toast longer, taller slices without the edges of the bread sticking out of top. It’s also a great choice for bigger speciality breads like baguettes and bagels.


High lift
A little extra lift for easily retrieving smaller breads.



  • Touch control
  • Colour sense technology
  • Favourite memorised
  • High lift
  • Frozen, Reheat and Cancel functions
  • Bun warmer
  • Deep crumb tray
  • 1.85 kg
  • H 21.5 x W 19.2 x D 29.9 cm 


Whats in the box

  • Russell Hobbs Attentiv 2 Slot Toaster


Model: 26210
EAN: 5038061139280

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