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TASTY JUNIOR 4-in-1 MINI CHEF SET with Batteries Kitchen Appliances for Kids Toy

TASTY JUNIOR 4-in-1 MINI CHEF SET with Batteries Kitchen Appliances for Kids Toy

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Tasty Junior 4-IN-1 Mini Chef Set (3+ Years)

**Damage to the oven door**


- Realistic lights, sounds and movement for each appliance

- Interactive experience

- Toys included: Oven, Toaster, Blender and mixer

- 7x AA Batteries Required (Included)

Wow your kids with this elaborate 4 in 1 Chef set. Our Tasty Jr. chef set includes an oven, toaster, blender, and mixer along with pretend food that will get your kids cooking in no time. This toy is perfect for having your little rockstar cook along with you for the ultimate bonding experience. This set comes with realistic action, lights, and sound they can have the pretend play experience with this incredible set! Including pretend food and pressable buttons, this toy has all the features to entertain your child.



  • Realistic action, lights, and sound- your child will enjoy a real pretend experience with this incredible set that has everything they can dream of for cooking in the kitchen
  • Includes pretend foods- this fun set includes a mixer, blender, toaster, and oven along with fun and yummy food items such as roasted chicken, eggs and bacon, toast, apple, banana, as well as an accompanying frying pan, pot, and a mug
  • Pressable buttons- each appliance features a set of realistic buttons that can be pressed, spun, or flicked, for hours of endless fun
  • Includes 7x AA batteries for ready to play action

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