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Vitamix 0.9L Mini Wet Container

Vitamix 0.9L Mini Wet Container

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The Vitamix 0.9L container is designed to process small batches with a lightweight design that fits easily under most kitchen cabinets.

The blades in the standard containers create a simultaneous slicing and pulverizing action to quickly reduce recipe ingredients to a smooth puree. 

The angle of the spill-proof container spout lets you serve blends with a mess-free pour.

The vented lid and lid plug let you bring dishes to hot serving temperatures right in the container, or add ingredients while blending to adjust texture.

The containers are designed to prevent leaks from entering the motor base, which is the number one cause of failure in lower-quality blenders.

This container can be used with all full-size Classic C- or G-Series Vitamix blenders.


  • 0.9L mini wet container
  • Spill proof container
  • Vented lid 

Whats in the box

  • 0.9L mini wet container
  • Vented lid 

EAN: 703113610486

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