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Body Glove Youth Snorkel Set Mesh Gear Bag Action Camera Ready GoPro Mount L/XL

Body Glove Youth Snorkel Set Mesh Gear Bag Action Camera Ready GoPro Mount L/XL

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**Brand New - Box Damaged**

Youth Snorkel Set
with GoPro / Action Camera Mount

L/XL - UK Jr. 13 - 3.5 (20 - 23cm)


- Made from Glass for Wide, Clear Vision

- Silicone Mouthpiece for Extra Comfort

- Flex System Fin 

- Glass Meets ANSI Standards

The Body Glove Youth Snorkel Set Large/Extra-Large is the essential mask, snorkel and fin set for your water sport’s needs. Featuring a design made from tempered glass for wide, clear vision (ANSI approved).  Made with a silicone skirt, strap and flexible hinge design, made for easy loosening and a more comfortable fit.

The snorkel has GoPro Hero functionality. A dry top design limits water seepage while a purge valve is put in place to easily clear water out of the snorkel. A full silicone mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and a flex tube is put in place for an optimum fit. 

The fins feature a split blade design, built to give you more power. Flow channels and a flexible foot pocket allow for easier kick flow underwater. A non-slip tread helps prevent slippage. Drain holes allow water to flow through pocket, limiting seepage. 




  • Tempered glass: meets all ANSI standards.
  • Colored silicone skirt & strap: soft and comfortable fit.
  • Quick adjust strap: pull strap to tighten and push button to loosen.
  • Purge valve in mask to easily remove water.



  • Works with the Gopro® hero camera on bottom of snorkel.
  • Dry top: keeps water out of Snorkel when underwater.
  • Purge valve: easily clear any water from snorkel.
  • Silicone mouthpiece: for extra comfort.
  • Quick release: easily attach and remove dive mask.


  • Flex system: allows the blade to flex for more power.
  • Flow channels: easier to kick underwater reducing fatigue.
  • Flexible foot pocket: comfortably adjust to feet.
  • Quick release: easy on and off.
  • Drain hole: allows water to flow through foot pocket.
  • Non-slip tread: bottom pattern helps prevent slipping.

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