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Bormioli Rocco Pulsar Tumbler Glassware, 12 Piece Set

Bormioli Rocco Pulsar Tumbler Glassware, 12 Piece Set

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Bormioli Rocco's Pulsar 12 Piece Tumbler and Hi-Ball Set adds sophistcation to any table. This 12 piece set of Dishwasher Safe Tumblers and Hi-Balls from Italian glassware producers, Bormioli Rocco offers a stylish and practical solution for professional and home bars alike. Unique in it's design, the Pulsar collection encapsulates the commitment to creating articles that enhance your table setting and libations. With a large 390ml Tumbler and 470ml Hi-Ball capacity these are perfect for serving creative drinks and cocktails over ice, making them ideal for any social occasion. 


  • Includes:
    • 6 x 740 ml Hiball glasses (H 14.4 x D 8.5 cm)
    • 6 x 390 ml Tumbler glasses (H 10.3 x D 9.1 cm)
  • Clear Patterned Glass
  • Dishwasher safe
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