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Callaway Edge 7 Piece mixed Graphite & Steel Golf Set - Right Handed (set 5)Used

Callaway Edge 7 Piece mixed Graphite & Steel Golf Set - Right Handed (set 5)Used

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Callaway Edge 7 Piece, Mixed Used, Graphite & Steel Golf Set - Right Handed

Used set. please see pictures. please read description.


- Lightweight Graphite Shaft

- Fast Ball Speed and Long Distance

- Promotes Stability and Forgiveness on Shots

- Minimises Miss-Hits 

Includes: 5-Hybrid with Headcover, 6 – 9 cavityback Irons, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge - Steel Shaft.

Lower your scores with Callaway Edge golf equipment. Each easy-to-hit club in this 7-piece set is specially designed to help you hit longer, straighter shots from tee to green. Made with graphite/Steel shafts for a increase in swing speed and distance.

Edge 5-hybrid

Compact head with cambered sole is extremely forgiving on mis-hits and super-easy to hit high, long and straight from all kinds of lies.


Edge 6 – 9 cavityback irons

Large cavityback head with second-generation stabilizing arch promotes stability and forgiveness for long, straight shots even on mis-hits along with great sound and feel.


Edge pitching wedge

Aggressive groove design helps every player save strokes around the green by promoting more shot-stopping spin on chips and pitches.


Edge sand wedge - Steel Shaft

Wide, rounded sole is shaped to glide smoothly through sand and tall grass to make it easy to get the ball out of greenside bunkers and rough.



  • Lightweight graphite shaft for fast ball speed and long distance
  • Promotes stability and forgiveness on shots
  • Easy hit 
  • Minimising miss-hits 



  •  5-Hybrid with headcover with Regular Flex Graphite Shaft
  •  6 – 9 cavityback irons with Regular Flex Graphite Shafts
  •  Pitching wedge with Regular Flex Graphite Shaft
  •  Sand wedge with Steel Shaft
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