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EKO Ecofly Recycling Bin 20L + 20L ** See Description

EKO Ecofly Recycling Bin 20L + 20L ** See Description

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EKO Ecofly Recycling Bin 20L + 20L

**Please note one inner bucket is not included**

Stylish space efficient pedal bin.

The EKO Ecofly bin is the perfect choice for limited space or under counter placement.

Made of high quality fingerprint resistant, brushed stainless steel to give a refined finish.

The inner bucket has a bag holder function allowing bags to be kept secure and the bin rim to be kept looking neat and tidy with no messy overhang. This also allow you to use any bag.

The shape of the bin has been kept sleek, will fit flat against walls to save space and also has built in wheels and a hidden handle for easy movement.

Features include:

• High quality brushed stainless steel with a fingerprint resistant finish for a refined, sleek look

• Removable inner bucket, for easy bag changing and cleaning

• Durable pedal mechanism and soft close lid, tested to last more than 100,000 times

• Built in wheels and hidden handle for easy movement

• Space efficient design with dual opening lid. Fits perfectly against the wall and under the counter.

• Bin bag fixer holds any size bag or bin liner in place. And also hides any messy overhand from bags

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