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LG 31.5 Inch QHD 75Hz IPS Gaming Monitor, 32QN600-B

LG 31.5 Inch QHD 75Hz IPS Gaming Monitor, 32QN600-B

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LG 31.5 Inch QHD 75Hz IPS Gaming Monitor, 32QN600-B


31.5" QHD IPS Monitor - True Colour at Any Angle

LG QHD (2560x1440) Monitor with IPS technology delivers a clearer and consistent true colour. Response times are shortened, colour reproduction is improved, and users can view the screen at virtually any angle.


HDR 10 - Detailed Contrast

To more fully realize content creator's vision, this monitor is compatible with industry standard HDR 10 high dynamic range, supporting specific levels of colour and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors.


Colour Calibrated - View Actual Colour

It is colour calibrated to help maintain accurate colour on the screen, so it preserves the original intend colour.


Reader Mode - Less Blue, Improved Visual Comfort

Reducing blue light to help lessen eye fatigue, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading. With just a few movement of joystick control, you can more comfortably read your monitor screen.


Flicker Safe - Reduces Visual Fatigue

Flicker Safe reduces the onscreen flicker level to almost zero, which helps protect your eyes. User can comfortably work throughout the day.


AMD FreeSync™ - Clearer, Smoother Image

With AMD FreeSync™ technology, gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement throughout hi-res, fast-paced games. AMD FreeSync™ virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering.


Dynamic Action Sync - React Faster to Opponents

Minimize input lag with Dynamic Action Sync so gamers can catch every single moment in real-time.


Black Stabilizer - Attack First in Dark

Gamers can avoid snipers hiding in the darkest places and quickly escape situations when the flash explodes.


Edge-ArcLine Stand - Versatile Elegance

The thinner and solid edging curved stand with 3-side virtually borderless design fits in variety of space. The base can be adjusted to change the tilt of the monitor to help you work more comfortable.


Model Number: 32QN600-B

EAN: 8806098725366

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