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Melitta Barista T SMART Black Bean to Cup Coffee Machine F83/0-102 ‘New Other’

Melitta Barista T SMART Black Bean to Cup Coffee Machine F83/0-102 ‘New Other’

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Melitta Barista T SMART Black Bean to Cup Coffee Machine F83/0-102

New with small imperfections- please see pictures


  • Make 18 Different Coffee Types
  • One Touch Coffee Making
  • Double Cup Mode

The Melitta Barista T SMART Black Bean To Cup Coffee Machine is an simple to use coffee machine with easy one touch coffee making and a selection of 18 different coffees to choose from. Features a removeable milk cady for ease of use.

Melitta® Connect

With the Melitta® Connect App many of the features on your fully automatic coffee machine can be managed with your smart phone. For example, appliance settings can be managed conveniently and personal My Coffee Profiles can be programmed and saved. Practical tutorials assist you with cleaning and maintaining the appliance. A special highlight with this app is that you can create your very own coffee specialities. The order in which the ingredients are poured into the cup, the amount of coffee, frothed milk and hot water and further coffee settings can be managed individually.

18 coffee specialities

Thanks to the product buttons you can make the 4 classics espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. The recipe book feature allows you to create 14 further coffee specialities such as flat white, ristretto, americano or espresso doppio.

Manual Bean Select

To perfectly prepare numerous coffee specialities, different types of coffee beans are needed to ensure the best possible taste experience. Therefore, the Barista T Smart® has a two-chamber bean container called “Bean Select“ (manual selection), which depending on the recipe and personal taste allows you to select mild coffee beans or strong aromatic espresso beans for example. The integrated ground coffee chute also gives you the opportunity to use coffee which is already ground.


The IntenseAroma feature can be selected instead of the standard brewing process. The result is an especially intensive tasting coffee - without having to change the amount of coffee or water you use. This feature can be selected for all coffee specialities.

My Coffee Memory

You don‘t want to set your personal coffee preferences each time you make a coffee? No problem! With the “My Coffee Memory“ feature you can programme your favourite coffee specialities completely individually. The Melitta® Barista T Smart® saves the preference settings for up to 4 people.

Italian Preparation Process

The Italian Preparation Process gives you authentic flavour by ensuring that the ingredients are added in the correct order according to the original Italian recipe. So for latte macchiato the espresso is added after the milk and frothed milk and for cappuccino it is the other way round.

Best Aroma System

With the bean to cup feature just the right amount of coffee beans is freshly ground and the ground coffee is used immediately.* The special seal on the Aromasafe® lid of the two-chamber bean container guarantees a real fresh coffee enjoyment experience cup after cup. The dark tinted container also helps preserve the flavour of the coffee beans.

Quiet as a whisper grinder

You want to enjoy making your coffee in peace? This is no problem with the quiet as a whisper grinder, it is not only quiet but also especially quick.


  • TFT colour display
  • One Touch
  • Touch & Slide
  • Double Cup Mode
  • All-in-One outlet
  • PRO AQUA Filter technology
  • Removable brewing unit
  • Plug-in milk system
  • Easy Steam Cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling programme
  • Energy Saving Feature

Model: F83/0-102

EAN: 4006508217809

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