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NEW EKO Stainless Steel 30L Pedal Bin & 5.2L Pedal Bin

NEW EKO Stainless Steel 30L Pedal Bin & 5.2L Pedal Bin

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EKO Stainless Steel 30L Pedal Bin & 5.2L Pedal Bin


- Matching Combo Pedal Bins
- Fingerprint Resistant Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
- Soft Open & Close
- Hands Free Use With Durable Pedal Mechanism
- Removable Plastic Liners Hold Bin Bag in Place

Touchless rubbish disposal anywhere in your home! This two-piece matching combo set includes both a 30L and a 5.2L step pedal waste bins that offer options for your bed, bath, home office or kitchen.

Constructed of fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel for a sleek appearance that complements your living spaces. The rugged step pedal mechanism is built to withstand years of daily use and provides hands-free convenience. The bi-force damper guarantees a smooth open and soft close each time you use it, no slamming or banging.

There is a stay open lid position as well, to hold your lid open as long as needed. Each bin has a removeable polypropylene liner with a cut out bag-fixer slot to secure your trash bag and prevent it from slipping down into the bin. Easy to maintain, simply wipe with a damp cloth when needed.


  • Combo set features matching 30L and 5.2L rectangular step pedal bins
  • Fingerprint-resistant brushed stainles steel finish prevents smudges and streaking
  • Soft open and close operation - lid won't slam shut
  • Durable step pedal mechanism is tested to +200,000 steps
  • Stay open position holds lid up when required
  • Comfortable back handle for easy carrying and repositioning
  • Removable raised inner polypropylene liner for easy bag changes
  • Bag-fixer on inner liner prevents trash bag from slipping down into bin
  • Skid resistant base


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