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PanzerGlass Anti Bacterial Clear Case for iPad Air 10.9"

PanzerGlass Anti Bacterial Clear Case for iPad Air 10.9"

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PanzerGlass Anti Bacterial Clear Case for iPad Air 10.9".


- iPad Air 10.5" Compatible

- Anti Bacterial Coating

- ClearCase back so wireless charging is not affected

- Honeycomb design for extra shock absorption

Protect your iPad while showcasing its design with the PanzerGlass™ ClearCase™ Black Edition.This eye-catching case boosts the durability of your device while giving you complete access to all of its functionality.

The ClearCase™ features a clear back cover that shields the beautiful design of the back of your iPad. The case is surrounded by a TPU frame with a honeycomb pattern that provides increased shock absorption in case of an unexpected drop or bump, and prevents the sides and edges of the iPad from getting scratched.

The ClearCase™ also provides an extra level of protection from germs and bacteria by featuring an innovative anti-bacterial coating that is proven to kill up to 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

Our products are designed to extend the lifetime of your device. And we’re committed to extending the lifetime of our planet. Whenever possible, PanzerGlass™ products come in FSC-certified packaging.


  • Full frame coverage
  • Plastic frame surrounding rear cameras
  • Honeycomb pattern to enhance shock absorption
  • Slim fashionable design
  • Slightly swelling bumpers in all corners to enhance protection

About PanzerGlass™

In 2013, the Danish start-up PanzerGlass™ launched its new and exclusive protectors for tablets as well as mobile phones. Today, PanzerGlass™ has grown to a global company with more than 150 employees and present on 5 continents.

Over the years, PanzerGlass™ has become a synonym with superior screen protectors for mobile devices. PanzerGlass™ can practically protect all your devices; laptops, smartphones, tablets, displays in cars, and smartwatches. Today PanzerGlass™ is one of the leading screen protection brands in the world.

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