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Roco 64723 - RAILJET-Economy-Capacity coach

Roco 64723 - RAILJET-Economy-Capacity coach

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Prototype: High capacity economy coach of the Railjet train of the Austrian Railways (OBB). Current operating condition.

Service: High quality international passenger transportation.

Model: Complete new construction of the Railjet in multi-color livery. Exact rendering of the interior. Finely detailed wagon transitions. Electric multi-pole conduit couplers. Running nubers correspond to the original "Spirit fo Salzburg". Detailed LED interior lighting. Overall length: 305mm

ÖBB Railjet Economy high-capacity car, epoch V.

Current operating condition.
Use: High quality international travel.

Completely new construction of the Railjet in multicolored livery.
Replica of the interior, fine transitions between cars.
Electrically conductive multi-pole couplings.
The car numbers of the "Spirit of Zurich" set correspond to the prototype.
LED interior lighting.

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