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Samsung 900W 32 Litre Hot Blast Combination Microwave in Black MC32K7055CK/EU**

Samsung 900W 32 Litre Hot Blast Combination Microwave in Black MC32K7055CK/EU**

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Samsung 32 Litre 900W Hot Blast Combination Microwave in Black MC32K7055CK/EU

**Please see pictures - slight dent on the top**


- Hot Blast technology
- Slim Fry technology
- 900W
- Digital LED Display
- 32L capacity
- H 30.9 x W 52.3 x D 48cm
- 20kg

Slim Fry Technology
Enjoy healthier fried food without a deep fryer. Slim Fry technology combines a grill with warm air circulation, so food is cooked crispy inside and out using only a touch of oil. And no greasy pans or splatters!


Hot Blast technology
Hot Blast technology is a new method that reduces cooking times significantly. Powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto food, so it’s cooked evenly with a crispy outside, but juicy inside.


Wide Grill
Unlike conventional grills, a Wide Grill lets you to cook food more evenly by improving coverage up to 99%. With a more consistent heat distribution you can enjoy perfectly grilled and browned food every time.

Eco Mode
Eco Mode significantly reduces energy consumption with the industry's lowest standby power. When you're not cooking, the power used to maintain essential functions is minimal, saving you money on electricity bills.


More space for bigger plates
Cook on a much larger scale with the Large turntable. Despite its compact size, the internal dimensions have been increased, so the turntable is even wider, measuring 345mm, enabling you to cook larger plates of food.



  • 3-in-1 cooking (Air Fry, Grill, Microwave)
  • Slim Fry technology
  • Digital LED Display
  • Defrost mode
  • Hot Blast technology
  • Wide grill
  • 32L capacity
  • Child safety lock
  • 6 Power levels
  • 900W maximum microwave power
  • 20kg 
  • H 30.9 x W 52.3 x D 48cm


Model: MC32K7055CK/EU

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